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Now a local landmark for its exuberant displays of sculptured metalwork, Mere Brow Smithy started in 1875 as two plain fuctional buildings in handsome handmade brick. These replaced the original wattle and daub smithy just over the road, which has been demolished. The larger building

was the smithyand the other started life as a separatly-run wheelwright's shop.

The two businesses merged in the early 1900s, owned first by local man Thomas Moss, then by his sons Sam and John who took over in 1950. The two brothers were skilled craftsmen and much in demand in a largely agricultural area of heavy horses which needed shoeing and even heavier

machinery which needed mending.

There are fond memories in the village of the brothers during their almost 40 years partnership. Quiet men, they developed a kind of telepathy, each knowing when the other needed a hand without a word or even a glance between them. The horses didn't have to wait long

to be shod - the smithy rafters were packed with sets of ready-made shoes for every horse in the district. They had an unusual sideline too - Sam's skills extended to cutting hair, so on Mondays and Friday nights the smithy doubled up as a barber-shop.

By the late 1990s the smithy's function had changed. With farm horses long gone and the arrival of the mobile farrier, ornamental metalwork was the order of the day

when brothers Tom and Danny Murphy took over in 2000. Both have enormous skill and inventiveness along with enthusiasm that's needed to create a thriving business.

Opening Times
Monday - Friday     9.00am - 4.00pm
Saturday     By Appointment

Mere Brow Smithy; 29 The Gravel; Mere Brow;
Preston; Lancashire: PR4 6JX:
Tel: - 01772 812031:  Mob: - 07791 801958:

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